Hello, I’m Nikol Schwab! 

Thank you for your interest in my sacred work, and for desiring to know a bit more about me… 

I've been a Photographic Artist for many years - dabbling in a variety of genres from landscape to lifestyle - yet it wasn’t until I fully allowed my spirituality, intuitive gifts, and personal journey to GUIDE my photography, that my unique photographic expression revealed itself and Shutter Shaman Images was unearthed.  It has been the shedding of my own fear around BEING SEEN, and a deep dive into Divine Feminine embodiment that propels me to co-create empowering images of and for women, and to facilitate the shedding of similar fears in our collective.

I know I’m not alone in saying that we now live in a provoking time and a poignant moment in history! I’m sure you can relate to experiencing a very strong calling, nudge, or stir to BE the change you wish to see/create in the world.  It is from my own stir, my gifts as a photographic artist, and my personal quest to understand what it truly means and how it actually feels to BE in my Feminine Power, that I awakened to a unique process of guiding and assisting other women to their own powerful version of embodiment.  

I've discovered that there are aspects of the Divine Feminine that every woman may embody effortlessly, keep hidden out of fear, or desire to embody but struggle.  It is in the exploration of these Divine Feminine aspects that my Intuitive Photographic Sessions occur, and is the sacred space where the co-creation of photographic art is captured. 

To my enjoyment, what begins with the co-creation of empowering photographic art is actually fueling the RISE of the Goddess within and around us.   I stand in AWE of the healing power these images hold, not only for the one being photographed, but also for the collective.  Bearing witness to a Matrix of Divine Feminine Muses (living all over the world) beginning to illuminate and to assemble gives me great hope for humanity.

It continues to be my honor to photograph beautiful, spiritually centered, interesting, and powerful women with their many faces, in their limitless forms, and from their differing phases of life.  Rest assured that wherever you are on your quest is PERFECT, and your unique expression of the Feminine DESERVES to be photographed!  It would be my honor to photograph YOU, and I'd be delighted to have you join in the Divine Feminine movement we are each in the midst of enlivening and of celebrating!